JoomlaBeginner.com is the most dedicated Joomla resource website for beginners.

Our purpose is to keep our readers updated with everything revolving the Joomla CMS, its various usages, its future and more. All of these are written in a comprehensible way to accommodate the needs of a beginner in the Joomla world.

Questions such as:

  • "How do I change a user password in Joomla?"
  • "How does Joomla send emails via SMTP?"
  • "How do I install Joomla?"

... and many others, are answered in JoomlaBeginner.com with clear steps and annotated screenshots to guide you to your end goal fast and easy.

The origin of JoomlaBeginner.com

Tassos Marinos - Joomla Extensions Developer

Hello! My name is Tassos Marinos and I am the creator of JoomlaBeginner.com

I have been using Joomla since its early beginnings and I am an advocate of its sheer capabilities and clear advantages over other CMS.

Since 2014, I have been developing Joomla Extensions which help regular and advanced Joomla users to expand the horizons of their websites and make themselves distinguishable from the crowd.

The reason I started JoomlaBeginner.com is to prove to the world that the notion of Joomla having a high learning curve is obsolete and opposite to that, you can do a great deal of seemingly difficult functions with great easy just by using Joomla.

Evidently there aren't many quality an up-to-date resources in the Web as to how you can do all kinds of stuff in Joomla and this is a problem I intend to solve with JoomlaBeginner.com and with your help.

Of course I won't be alone in this course. My team involves extremely knowledgeable Joomla people who share the same goal with me and truely intend to see the Joomla Community grow every day.

The sectors of JoomlaBeginner.com

All the content has been carefully split into intuitive categories to help you find what you're looking for as fast as possible

  • News is a section to find all the latest news about Joomla. Sometimes you'll be surprised to find news that haven't hit the official Joomla channels yet!
  • Opinions is a section for the contributing and devoted members of the Joomla community along with myself where you can read influential directions of Joomla's future and its ecosystem.
  • Tutorials is the bread and butter of this website. This section is intended to be packed with tutorials covering ALL the imaginable aspects of Joomla.
  • Joomla Extensions is a section where you are able to take a quick and trusty overview of the most popular Joomla Extensions out there and of course upcoming Joomla Extensions which are about to hit the market and provide some ground-breaking abilities.
  • Templates is a section dedicated to popular Joomla Templates and their creators. You will see reviews of said templates and the reasons why you should buy them.
  • Showcase of course is a section for our top 10 lists. Lists of things which can help you reach specific goals such as improving your Joomla website's performance or increasing your SEO.
  • Deals can be proven the most important section next to the tutorials section because the goal is to get exclusive JoomlaBeginner.com discounts and bundles for the most popular Joomla Extensions or Templates. Also you will be able to get exclusive developer discounts coming straight from your favorite Joomla Extensions Developers.

This concludes all there is to know about JoomlaBeginner.com! We already love the fact that you were interested to know more about us and we hope that you trust is in introducing you to this wonderful CMS called Joomla!