5 Best Joomla Blog Extensions

WordPress is the biggest rival of Joomla especially when it comes to blogging. 

It was not so easy to set up a blog with Joomla because of some of the limitations. It was easy to create articles and put them into categories, but rest of the things were so tricky. You can not set author box or social sharing in Joomla by default, but in WordPress, it was too easy. 

Despite all these limitations, people love to use Joomla even to set up a blog as well.  Thanks to strong Joomla community which is working on providing regular solutions to strengthen the Joomla CMS. 

So, with the help of few third-party Joomla extensions, you can set up a robust blog with Joomla CMS. 

However, if you don't want to mess with Joomla core, the community offering you great Joomla blog extensions. These Joomla blogging tools are the core solutions to set up an influential blog like WordPress. You can find a lot of Joomla blogging templates as well in the market. In our last post, we have also shared the list of best magazine Joomla templates. 

You need to take care of the content publishing, rest of the things can be managed under one roof. 

So in this article, I am going to share best Joomla blog extensions those you can use to set up a compelling blog on your Joomla website. 

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List of Best Joomla Blogging Tools

  1. K2 - Free Joomla blog Extensions
  2. EasyBlog - A Premium Joomla Blog Solution
  3. ZOO - A Powerful Blog Extension for Joomla
  4. RSBlog - Premium Joomla Blog Extension
  5. CJBlog - Free Social Blogging Component

K2 - Free Joomla blog Extensions

The K2 extension is one of the most popular blogging tool developed by Joomla Works. It helps you to save your hard earned money as well as set up a full-featured blog. In layman terms, you can say that K2 was developed as a replacement for Joomla articles which brings some of the best parts from Drupal and WordPress into Joomla. 

The most significant advantage of using K2 is that you can import all your Joomla articles into K2 and make your content more prosperous with the help of additional fields like article images, videos, podcasts & other audio files, image galleries and attachments.

Key Features

  • Easy to use for everyone doesn’t matter you are an expert or non-techie.
  • You can create or design different templates as per your requirements and assign them to different categories.
  • You can create multiple authors easily.
  • You can create custom field fields and content types as per your requirements. 

More Details

EasyBlog - A Premium Joomla Blog Solution

EasyBlog is another most popular Joomla blogging extension available in the market. It is a premium extension comes with unique and out of the box features. It comes with drag and drops content modules which can be inserted into the post and make your post more attractive. 

The biggest thing, I loved in Easyblog that it keeps your post editing history so if you want, you can restore to the previous version at any time. 

Key Features:

  • You can embed your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube or any other platform.
  • You can add image caption to each of the images and capture your audience’s attention.
  • It allows you to pinpoint the location on Google map in the post.
  • It comes with well-managed media manager where you can manage images, videos, audios and other files.
  • It is fully responsive and comes with lots of EasyBlog Templates

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ZOO - A Powerful Blog Extension for Joomla

Aha! ZOO is not only a blogging platform, but it is more than that. It is ultimately a powerful and flexible Joomla catalog system which enables you to create your content types with custom fields. It comes with prebuilt 8 different catalog apps which helps you to start your catalog right away. 

It has everything you need to set up a  blog like Custom post types, item manager, media manager, template manager, element library, comment & tag system, front-end submission and editing and importers.

Key Features

  • You can create a documentation site, a cookbook, a product catalog, a movie database, business directory, and much more with ZOO Joomla extension.
  • It is a premium Joomla extension, so you have to purchase this. However, it is worth to get it.
  • It automatically generates slugs.
  • You can blacklist the comments with IP and more.
  • Automatic Image Sizing and Caching.
  • There is plenty of prebuilt templates for ZOO.
  • You can show related posts with dominant related items element.
  • Configure your email and receive comment notifications direct in your inbox.

More Details

RSBlog - Premium Joomla Blog Extension

RSBlog is another premium Joomla blog extension developed by RSJoomla team. It is not that much popular like EasyBlog and K2, but it has fantastic and out of the box features which gives you a fantastic blogging experience and feel in Joomla. 

RSBlog is mainly known for its remote publishing feature which enables you to publish your content by just sending an email. Click to Tweet

PS: These sexy tweet boxes are powered by TweetMe Joomla Extension.

With the help of RSBlog, you can import any WordPress blog or Joomla articles on your website.

Key Features:

  • It allows your users/audience to submit their post on your blog. You have to create different user groups.
  • You can integrate Facebook and Twitter with RSBlog. When you publish any post on your blog, it will be automatically shared on Twitter and Facebook.
  • It has a clean and neat dashboard which helps you to operate and manage your website efficiently.
  • If you purchase RSBlog, you will get RSComments plugin for free. This plugin allows you to enable your audience to comment on your content.
  • You can create multiple author blog easily.
  • It allows you to publish your content from the frontend.
  • It has a timeline layout as well. 

More Details

CJBlog - Free Social Blogging Component

CJBlog is a powerful blogging Joomla extension available for free in the market. It is not just a simple blogging tool but is a complete social blogging solution. Instead of reinventing everything from scratch, they merely used Joomla articles to the social blogging platform.

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The most significant advantage of using CJBlog extension is that it stores articles as standard Joomla articles so if you don't want to continue with this Joomla extension, you can uninstall it and all your article will remain as it is. You do not lose your content. 

Key Features

  • Its advanced tag system allows you to tag your articles and search.
  • It allows you to reward your users with points to encourage them.
  • You can add the star rating to your existing Joomla articles.
  • Users can add articles to favorites for later viewing.

More Details

Wrapping Up…

So which blogging extension you are using? Let me know in the comment section. Also, don't forget to tell me if I haven't listed any of your favorite blogging tool for Joomla. 

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