How To Increase Tweets On Your Joomla Article By 198%

Oh, I grabbed your attention by just telling you 198%.

As you know twitter is the most popular microblogging platform which is almost used by everyone.

People love to use Twitter to share their feelings, complain about any issue, or for any other reason.Whatever, but you can see that there is more response rate on Twitter than Facebook or any other social media platform.

If you are a blogger, or a publisher or a content marketer, you may be aware of the value of a tweet, tweeted by a Twitter influencer.

But the question is why would an influencer tweet your content?

Leave it, just think why would you share my content with your audience?

You will share only if,

  • It is valuable.
  • It is entertaining
  • It can help you and your audience
  • Your audience was looking for something like this.
  • If you want reciprocal from me.

These are some reasons, you will love to share my content with your audience.

So the most important part is that your content should be more valuable, less promotional, problem-solving and most important should be easy to share.

How to make people tweet your content?

There are many psychological triggers that play a vital role in influencing your audience to share your content. Only valuable and high-quality content won't matter when it comes to sharing it. Let me pinout these triggers which will help you to get more tweets for your content.

Ask Your Audience to take action

I am not sure, how much it will work but it is almost capable to influence your audience to take an action.

In these days, if you are a youtube addict, every YouTuber ask their audience to Like, Share and subscribe their channel. Don't you think it works for them? It works like a charm.

So you can also ask your users to tweet your stuff.

You can use the content locker and ask your audience to take action if they want to access the content.

Please, make sure you are locking the most important and unavoidable content so to access that content they can tweet or share your content.

If the content is not valuable, no one will give a f*ck.

When you are using Call To Action, give your reader a better reason to perform that action Click to Tweet

I used TweetMe Joomla Extension to create this awesome tweet box.

Write Something out of the box

Yes, this is the human psychology that when they saw something unique, they share that with their friends and relatives. So you have to hack this. You need to write something out of the box which can make them the tweet or share your content.

When you are writing a piece of content, keep any possible problems in your mind and try to solve them. So when your audience finds those solutions, they will share and recommend to others as well.

You have to offer something valuable, which can help your users to solve their problems. Click to Tweet

Content Should be easy to Share

Yes, your content should be easy to share. Let me give you my example. If I have to first copy the content, then copy the url of the article and share with my audience, I will never do because I am too lazy to work hard.

But if I can share on a single click, I will never mind sharing any content as long as it is related to me or my audience.

So always make your content easy to share.

So if you want your visitors to tweet your stuff – make sure there’s a Tweet button on your site that will make tweeting hassle-free. Click to Tweet

Use popular and interesting quotes in your content

I always love to include quotes in my content whenever I can because these make your content more interesting.

Like if you will see a quote with a different style within the regular content, it will attract you. This will make you read the quote and if there will be any call to action, you will surely perform that action.

In this article, I am introducing TweetMe, a Joomla extension which allows you to make tweetable quotes within the content.

This way you can increase your Joomla article tweets as well.

Even the popular growth hacker as well as marketer Neil Patel is using this technique in his content. If you will read Business Advice in Three Words article by Neil Patel, you will see how beautifully he uses quotes.

Tweetable Quotes is a new copywriting hack to get more tweets on your articles Click to Tweet

So now you will have a good amount of ideas that how you can increase your tweets in your Joomla article. But the main problem is that how to make them tweet your content easily.

To make it easy for you, I am going to introduce TweetMe Joomla extension.

Introducing TweetMe Joomla Extension

TweetMe is a Joomla extension which allows you to add tweetable quotes within your content. In short, you can add your important statements as tweets. And someone simply tweets that statement with just a single click.

It comes with the simple configuration, multiple tweet templates, and much more features.

Let's have a look at its features.

  •  Responsive Layouts
  • Tweet with the single click
  • Link Shortening
  • 20+ Fancy templates
  • Clear Call to action
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Cross browser compatible

Download TweetMe Now

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