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Almost all the people or business or agencies who are into real estate business needs real estate websites. So their customers can browse properties, find information, and ask for enquires and creating these kinda websites is not something that can be done without the help of real estate Joomla extensions.

For real estate, there are quite a lot of Joomla extensions available out there and to help you out, I have handpicked the 8 Best Real Estate Joomla Extensions for Realtor.

So let’s just go ahead and have a look at them:

The 8 Best Real Estate Joomla Extensions for Realtor

OS Property Real Estate

OS Property Real Estate is one of the best Joomla real estate extensions available out there. This one offers you the necessary flexibility and full functionality. So you can easily create real estate websites, property listing, or rental websites. 

The extension also allows you to add single and multiple user types or real estate companies pretty easily. Along with that, you will also be getting so many layout options. This will allow you to list properties by different parameters like property types, categories, states, and so on. 

You will also be able to create features like Company/ Agent registration, Company/ Agent edit profile, Compare properties, Property details, and so on.

The extension is fully SEO friendly. It offers you a bunch of SEO features like full of meta descriptions for properties.  You will be able to create custom page title and page heading for categories, property types.

Plus, you will find the Joomla SEF URLs & SEO (Metadata) support, also with SEF components. As well as it features so many other features. However,  it is not a free extension. 

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IProperty Real Estate

If you are looking for a real estate Joomla extension which can help you to maintain property listings in an easy way. Then IProperty Real Estate is the best one that you can try out.

This extension allows the real estate agents, property brokers, and property management companies to manage their listings through a user-friendly interface. 

As a result, you will easily be able to upload photos, add categories, sub-categories, agent profiles, and so on. Plus, it is offering you an advanced Google maps ajax based map interface. This allows you to save and manage favourite properties and searches as well. 

Plus, you are getting some of the other features like front end and admin management with multiple access levels. You will be getting automatic email updates for saved properties and searches. You will also be getting unlimited custom sale types, categories/subcategories, properties, and so on. 

Even, you will be getting the ability to apply multiple categories and multiple agents to listings.

What’s more? You will be getting 19 distinct views available as menu items and many of them offer you additional display options for maximum control.

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If you are looking for a free Joomla extension to create a property management website. Then you can try out RealEstateManager. This one is a free version of the real estate extension and property management software.

And with the help of this one, you will be able to create websites for real estate agencies, real estate brokers, and agents. Plus, you can easily manage property listings, property categories, hotel or motel booking, and so on.

You will also easily be able to upload a photo, manage real estate categories, and subcategories. Plus, you will be able to display property on Google Map, Post comments, and so on.

The best part of this extension is that it even offers you some of the free real estate website templates that come with in-built Real Estate Manager. As a result, you will easily be able to create a real estate website in no time.

Plus, you will be getting so many backend features. Like you can easily add, clone, delete property, publish or unpublish properties, edit ratings and comments of a specific property.

Also, apart from the free version, the extension also comes with a bunch of paid plans. So you can easily upgrade to a premium version based on the features you are looking for.

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FW Real Estate


FW Real Estate is one of the best real estate Joomla extensions for Realtor. With this one, you will easily be able to create a property website. The best thing that I like about this one is that it comes with a clean, responsive listings designs, advanced search form, lead-generating tools, and so on. Plus, you will find Realtor and Agency versions of this extension.

It comes with a clean, responsive, lightweight layout. This helps in keeping the design consistent with the Joomla template. Plus, the advanced search helps in creating an intuitive experience for visitors and helps find information quicker.

Also, getting started with this extension is pretty easy. As it comes with one installation package which gets all the included parts. Plus, you will be getting free access to monthly updates, documentation, and ticket support.

Furthermore, the extension is designed for easy search and navigation in property listings. So finding the desired property and contacting a seller would be an easy task. What’s more? The extension is absolutely free to download. However, if you need extra features, there are also paid plans available.

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JUX Real Estate


JUX Real Estate is a Joomla! component designed for a multitude of real estate related needs. Also, the best part of this extension is that it is developed by JoomlaUX team. As you are into the real estate business, you obviously need a place where you can find and share all realty information, and this is where you need a realty website.

And this extension can help you systematically and effectively organize your property listings. The extension was specially developed for the companies but if you are an individual and want to use this extension, you can use it.

The extension offers you advanced search properties options like keywords, price, square feet, types, countries, and so on. You can also show your properties using a slideshow.

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JomEstate PRO


Looking for a quicker way to build a real estate website? Then try out the JomEstate PRO. With this one, you will be able to create a real estate agency website in minutes. This one is an ideal option for independent estate agents, property rental companies, and property developers.

The best part of this extension is that it easily integrates and uses most of the Joomla features and components. As a result, it offers you the best compatibility. Plus, the modular built creates multiple configuration options for most demanded requirements.

As far as the features are concerned, with this one, you will be able to create unlimited categories and subcategories with images and descriptions. Also, it uses multilingual Addresses with any deep levels. You will also find multiple layouts and color schemes.

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Domus Organizer


You can also check out the Domus Organizer. This one is an excellent tool for the real estate agencies. With this one, you cannot just simply display your properties. But along with that, you will be able to manage them too.

The extension offers you so many features that allow you to manage your properties in an easy way. Like you will be able to unpublish a listing internally. It also allows you to upload photos, and the best part is that every time you add a new image to a property, it will automatically get displayed in the slideshow.

Customizing the extension is also pretty easy. By using CSS, you will be able to override the stylesheet, and as a result, you can make whatever customization you would wish to.

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CMS Real Estate


In the end, I have the CMS Real Estate. The Joomla real estate extension is fully packed with advanced features such as PDF export, real-time printing and many others. 

If you have videos for your property, you can easily embed them with your property listing as it gives you the feature of YouTube Embed. Apart from the Video Embed, you can integrate Google Map with your property and showcase them to the map. 

The Joomla extension is fully SEO Friendly and offers you features such as meta title and descriptions to improve the SEO score and help you to rank above your competitors

It also offers you file watermarking for the images with the customizable logo so no one can theft your images. 

There are many such small and big features you can love within this Joomla extension for Real estate website. Simply, install and explore its features.

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So those were The 8 Best Real Estate Joomla Extensions for Realtor. Now go ahead and check them out and see how it is working for you. Also, for any questions, do feel free to comment below, and I will surely help you out.

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