How to get your Joomla to stand out from the rest

So, you have successfully installed Joomla and now you're wondering what else is there to do before starting to add content. Here are a few options to give your Joomla a distinct layout and super-charge it with powerful functionalities.

Pick a new template

Joomla uses templates to handle everything related to its design. in Joomla, templates can be quite powerful as they can provide custom mechanisms that resemble even those of Joomla extensions. Here's a list of great Joomla Template providers you can take a look at.

Minitek have built a reputation for making high quality, professional Joomla extensions and templates. They have adopted a minimalistic design approach and build beautiful and innovative products.


JoomlaShine is widely recognized as a Source of Hi-Quality Joomla Templates and Joomla extensions. They focus on the design, functionality and usability of in all of our Joomla products. With an aim to simplify Joomla work, all their products are stable and dead-easy to use. No need to have coding knowledge, you still can build a perfect Joomla site using JoomlaShine products.


RocketTheme is the longest running Joomla template provider, producing templates and extensions for over 8 years.

Install useful extensions

Joomla is famous for its sheer extensibility! Even though it is a pretty wholesome CMS out of the box, there are over 8000 extensions available through the Joomla Extension Directory for a very extensive variety of uses.

Of course, apart from the Joomla Extension Directory there is also a wide variety of Joomla Extension Developers whose goal is to provide powerful and useful extensions for your Joomla.


Akeeba Ltd is one of the leading Joomla extension providers. Their flagship product, Akeeba Backup, is used by millions to backup, restore and transfer their sites with ease. It is the top rated extension on the Joomla! Extensions Directory and has received half a dozen JOSCAR community awards in as many years. is an established Joomla! Extensions developing company since 2014. As the creators of the famous EngageBox, Google Structured Data and ConvertForms, has proven its quality assurance among the Joomla! Community and keeps doing so every day by creating professional bonds with its subscribers base and partners. Your Joomla! Website can only reach higher levels of efficiency and functionality by using any of the extension collection.

DJ Extensions

DJ-Extensions is a well known developer of high quality Joomla! extensions. Not only programming skills make good extension, it’s also the ability to listen to users' requests and feedback. Most popular extensions are Classifieds, Catalog2, Mega Menu, Media Tools, Image Slider.

Learn how to use the full potential of Joomla

Joomla has a great community maintaining a vast database of documentation articles for everything that Joomla can do for you. Divided into crucial topics, the Officla Joomla Documentation is a great resource for your learning needs.

Of course, it wouldn't be fair not to also include for your learning needs as it aspires to keep providing very detailed and easy-to-understand tutorials for all the functionalities of Joomla!

This should be a great foundation of things to do after you install Joomla! If you would like to stay updated with more articles and news about Joomla, feel free to sign up to our Newsletter or follow us on our Social Media!

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