How to enable Joomla to use a Proxy Server

In this tutorial we are going to see how to setup Joomla to use a Proxy server to communicate with the rest of the network when it can't do it natively. What is a Proxy Server? A Proxy Server is a means to mediate communication between your server .. Read more

How To Change Your Joomla Timezone

As all of the CMS out there, Joomla also has the option to change the timezone through its configuration to accommodate multiple countries and timezone intricacies. Changing the timezone in Joomla The way to change the timezone is quite simple as i.. Read more

How to add custom fields to Joomla Articles

With the newest stable release of Joomla, version 3.7 a very welcomed feature is the addition of Custom Fields. In this tutorial we are going to discuss the basic functionalities of custom fields. What are Joomla Custom Fields? Joomla Custom Field.. Read more

How to enable Gzip compression in Joomla

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How to enable Error Reporting in Joomla

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How to Add SSL and HTTPS in Joomla

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How to create SEO-friendly URLs in Joomla

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How to Include Site Name in every Page Title in Joomla

It is a common practice to include your Site Name to your Page Titles mostly for Brand Recognition. Opinions vary on whether it is better to include it before or after the Page Title. Some say that it should also be included on a case by case basis b.. Read more

How to use Joomla Debug System

Developers know that debugging a system can be quite challenging sometimes if you don’t have the tools to help you. Joomla, however, does have the tool for the job and it’s called “Debug System”. It is a plugin coupled with an.. Read more

How to change the default Temp folder in Joomla

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