How To Change Website Name In Joomla

Joomla! offers a variety of global configurations for a great deal of purposes. Among them is one setting which allows you to change your website name. Changing your Joomla Site Name First, log in to your administration panel and navigate to System.. Read more

How to Send Email in Joomla using the Gmail SMTP Server

Sending any kind of email through your Joomla website is possible as long as you configure it to use an authenticated and reliable SMTP server. In this tutorial we will talk specifically on how to use the Gmail SMTP server to send all your Joomla e-m.. Read more

How to Put Your Joomla Site in Maintenance Mode

Most of the times when you are facing some kind of a downtime for your Joomla website, except the dreaded network downtime, you can set your Joomla website in Maintenance mode. This way your users can get to know why this is happening and you, as ad.. Read more