How to Send Email in Joomla using the SMTP Server (previously known as Hotmail)

Sending any kind of email through your Joomla website is possible as long as you configure it to use an authenticated and reliable SMTP server. In this tutorial we will talk specifically on how to use the SMTP server to send all your Joomla e-mails. Informatively, is the new name of Hotmail.

Why and When You Need SMTP Server for Joomla Emails

ISPs around the world define if an email is spam or deliverable by the reputation of the server which sends it. Joomla has 3 ways to deliver your emails. The first one is using an SMTP server, the second is using PHP Mail and the third one is Sendmail. The last two can be considered more or less the same for the majority of the cases.

Regarding the reputation of the server which sends the emails, if you choose PHP Mail or Sendmail you are counting on your own server's reputation to send your emails. If your server is basically a shared hosting plan, chances are your email will end up in a Spam folder or won't be delivered at all. On the other hand, if you choose a trusted SMTP server, like's, then your email is very unlikely to end up in a Spam folder.

How to Send Joomla Emails Using the SMTP Server

First, log in to your administrator panel and navigate to System > Global Configuration


Then, click on the Server tab to reveal the Server related configurations. In there we will find the Mail Settings.


Now we can start setting up our SMTP. Let's see the relevant fields and their values.


1. From Email

In this field you need to fill in the email from which your Joomla will seem to send emails from. We highly recommend that you use the one you will be using to authenticate the SMTP server later on.

2. From Name

In this field you should type your Joomla Site Name. Specifically, this is the name of the email Sender.

3. Mailer

For this selectbox you much choose the SMTP option for this tutorial.

4. SMTP Host

The SMTP Host for is

5. SMTP Port's SMTP Port is 587. If for some reason this port is blocked in your web server, use 25 instead.

6. SMTP Security needs STARTTLS for its security layer.

7. SMTP Authentication

This choice needs to be Yes. does not let you use its SMTP without authentication.

8. SMTP Username

The SMTP Username for is the email itself.

9. SMTP Password

The SMTP Password is the password you use to log in to that specific Account.

Now that you have filled in all the values click the green Save button and your Joomla is ready to send emails through reliably!

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Useful info

If you are using WAMP on Windows the OpenSSL module is not enabled by default and you need to enable it.

Also if by any chance you still have credentials for Hotmail then you should be able to convert your account to and then follow this tutorial.

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